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About Us

It's about safety and financial security for our clients...

Prosperity Financial Group is a boutique, holistic, financial planning group located in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. Founded in 1997, by Dallas Horn, Prosperity Financial prides itself on forming client partnerships that span many years and several generations. For us, it isn't about what product or services we can provide, it's about how we can help build safety and financial security for individuals and families living in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Region.

As a independently owned, boutique financial planning firm, we have the time and resources to take a holistic approach with all of our clients. We spend time with our clients, get to know them personally and understand their financial sitation. Although there are many individual financial products and services, we believe they are all interconnected to make life simpler and to solve life's financial challenges. Most importantly, we forge a relationship with each of our clients to insure that the financial products and services provided are in line their goals on an ongoing basis.

Our company name is Prosperity because that is indeed what we are trying to achieve. We are trying to help our clients purse a sense of financial prosperity and well-being.