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Recent Market Volatility (Feb 2018)

| February 01, 2018

Submitted by Prosperity Financial Group on February 7th, 2018
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Recently there has been a spate of stock market volatility. We thought we’d share a few points regarding this past week that you might find relevant.

What happened?

Stocks had a broad “correction” where the market dropped by almost 10% over about a week.

Why did it occur?

It had a wide variety of factors - including some factors that might be counter-intuitive, like better than expected unemployment numbers.1 Another factor that made it so sudden was the impact of computer-driven trades that are run by a large number of hedge funds. But ultimately, sometimes the market just goes through periods of volatility.

Is the volatility over?

In the short term, it seems to have abated - of course that does not mean we won’t see more swings again this year.

Is this normal?

Yes. In any given year, it is normal for the market to drop 5%-10%; it typically drops 15% every 18 months.1 It frequently does so whether in an very “bullish” (positive) market or “bearish” (negative) market. What is not normal is for the market to be very positive with no volatility - which was what we had for most of 2017.

Are my investments ok?

Most likely, this volatility did not set back your financial plan, as we have designed your portfolio to withstand conditions such as this.

However if you have concerns, know that we are here for you. Please feel free to call Dallas or Steve at 859-341-8184, or email us at

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